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DBS: Broly - FAQ and Full Spoiler Discussion Thread

Time for a refreshed thread! The old one has over 3000 comments. We've decided to address some FAQ about the movie and our policies here. We might add more Q&A later.

Q: Why was I redirected here?! I want to make a post about the movie!
A: Probably because your topic was not sufficient standalone discussion material, or because you asked a common question, or made a common observation. We're also not allowing spoilers in thread titles at this time.

Q: Why did the movie sound so terrible?
A: English dub? Maybe you couldn't hear the dialogue, or the music felt like it was barely there? You're not the only one. The raw audio mix for the movie was seriously f*cked up. We don't know how this happened, but we have heard that some theaters were given special instructions for the audio. Unfortunately most theaters did not get the message, or did not bother. IMAX screenings were mostly ok. Other theaters are very hit-and-miss...mostly miss.

Q: My screening only had untranslated Japanese credits! Where can I find translated credits?
A: Based on reports, if your screening had untranslated credits, it probably also had good audio, so there's that. You can find the full translated credits on Kanzenshuu and I recorded the dub credits, which followed the translated credits in screenings that had them.

Q: When will the movie be available to watch on home video?
A: We don't know. Preorders are available but no date has been announced yet. (The 31 December date is a placeholder.) For "Resurrection 'F'", a subtitled digital release was made available for purchase on the day of the Japanese home release. (Funimation home releases generally come later.) Hopefully we'll get the same deal this time.

Q: Will this movie be retold in a new anime?
A: We don't know if there will even be a new anime. Certainly there have not been any official indications that there will be a new anime. If there is one...maybe they will retell Broly, maybe not. It was necessary to retell BOG and RF for non-moviegoing TV audiences because those two movies introduced so much in the way of new characters, transformations, and lore. A new anime would not be nearly as dependent on Broly as Super was on BOG and RF.

Q: Will there be an extended version of this movie on home release?
A: We don't know; nothing has been officially announced. There are some bits that were definitely cut from the movie, but some of the places where people think something was cut, maybe nothing actually was. For example, people are wondering how Bardock got all battle-damaged before he confronted Freeza, but that is unlikely to be a cut scene. Bardock had just gotten home from a mission and he wasn't battle-damaged, and Freeza had no reason to send his own troops out in advance of him blasting the planet. He appears to have attacked alone. Bardock's counterattack was probably just referenced to Toriyama's manga depiction. As much as it rubs people the wrong way, this is probably just an artifact of disparate continuities (see below).

Q: Why was Goku's origin story changed?
A: Some of Goku's origin story in the DBZ anime was filler—in the manga, Roshi told the story of Gohan finding Goku, but there was no accompanying flashback imagery—and the Bardock special was a Toei original story. In fact, Bardock's inclusion in Toriyama's manga came after the special was released. Toriyama liked him, so he adopted him. But Toriyama told Bardock's story in his own way, and he later expanded his version of the story in "Dragon Ball Minus", a bonus chapter at the end of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. The story in the movie is based on Minus. (Toriyama wrote the script, after all.) In Jaco chapter +1 (the first bonus chapter, which technically comes before Minus), Goku still has his armor on when Gohan finds him, and he's older than he was shown in DBZ filler. However, Minus did not include Bardock's death scene, or anything on Planet Vegeta after Kakarot was sent off-world.

Q: Is it just me, or does the chronology not make sense?
A: It indeed does not make sense. The movie claims to start 41 years in the past. Then, 5 years later, Planet Vegeta is destroyed. The counter on the screen when Goku arrives on Earth starts in Age 737, which is the traditional date given to the destruction of Planet Vegeta in guidebooks. (Aside from a single glimpse of a date on the controls of Trunks's time machine, this is the first time the Age system has been used in-series.) In the movie, it scrolls up at least to Age 775 and then fades out before it says "present", which should be Age 780 (Bra's birth year) or maybe even 781. What gives? Most probably, the Bardock portion was supposed to be 41 years in the past, which would fit with the Jaco manga placing Goku's arrival and the destruction of Planet Vegeta in Age 739, but some wires got crossed somewhere.

Q: Why did Shenlong only grant one wish?
A: Presumably because it hasn't been a year since the Dragon Balls were used in Super episode 68. At that time, he owed them two wishes (having only granted one the previous time he appeared), and he only granted one of those two wishes before his body faded because they were taking too long to decide on the second wish. This is a bit odd because the movie doesn't strictly follow the continuity of the Super anime, but it's the only available explanation.

Q: Isn't there supposed to be an hour-long cooldown period before they can fuse again?
A: Yes. One possible explanation is that the cooldown period is only required after successful fusions. This has never been explicitly stated, but it would explain the apparent lack of a cooldown period in DBZ Movie 12 where Gogeta had a failed fusion, and the 2008 special where Gotenks had a failed fusion.

Q: What was up with that dude yelling KAKAROT and BROLY and sh*t like that in the movie? Weird.
A: Director Tatsuya Nagamine was inspired to include this when he saw videos online of public screenings of Super episode 130 in Latin America. Fans were chanting the names of the characters they were rooting for, so he wanted to make it baked-in for Broly, and he thought that some people might want to root for Broly too. He apparently thought Westerners would like this "hype man", but most just thought it was weird. (Japanese people also found it weird.) That said, it has grown on a lot of people. If you don't like it, please don't blame Sumitomo for it because it was not his idea. (If anything, he made it catchy enough to grow on people.)

Q:Why did Vegeta turn green on the way to Super Saiyan? Did Goku go Ultra Instinct on the way to SSB?!
A: Despite how it (briefly) looked, Goku did not use UI. Nagamine wanted to experiment with how transformations are portrayed, which certainly explains Vegeta's hair briefly matching his Super Saiyan eye color, but there's nothing about UI in the storyboard. From Nagamine's DBMFL interview:

In my experience, since Dragon Ball is a series that has gone on a long time, we have impressions of what it should be. The movements to fire a Kamehameha or the setup of a Super Saiyan transformation scene are things that are so well-known they’ve become fixed. Maybe it would be fine to keep them the same, but transforming or firing beams from your hand are special things, so I want to make the staging for those moments special, too. The moment when I really came to that realization was when Toriyama gave us a manual during Dragon Ball Super about how to turn Super Saiyan. It said that the character gets tingles in their back, then imagines that sensation spreading outward and becomes Super Saiyan. I thought, “This is it!!” We can’t create this without using our physical senses as a basis. Transforming randomly without reason is no good. When I was a kid trying to shoot a Kamehameha or turn into a Super Saiyan, I always tried earnestly. The characters in the anime can’t just do it in an instant, either; they also have to try earnestly or it won’t work. I tell the animators to not be concerned about what was previously established, and I want them to draw how they feel using current techniques. If there’s inconsistency between how Dragon Ball has looked before and how we’re presenting it now, then I think it’s best to get rid of those past conceptions.

--Note: since people feel very strongly about this, I should mention that I'm not necessarily arguing that it wasn't an "Easter egg" as many seem to think, though I think it would be strange for them to tease something that isn't going to happen. They're trying to hype up SSB, and a UI tease in the middle of the transformation doesn't seem to be the best way to do that. I'm just saying, it's not significant for the movie's narrative in any way. Goku can't use UI at will, and he didn't use it in this movie.

Q: What was that technique that SSG Goku used to trap Broly?
A: It's called "God Bind" in DBZ Dokkan Battle, and it's reflective of Nagamine's desire to show a difference between SSG and SSB. From the January 2019 issue of V-Jump:

I personally wanted to make Super Saiyan Blue look crazy strong, and to clearly show the gap between it and Super Saiyan God. The two of them have rather different fighting styles: God relies on predicting and dodging the opponent’s movements, plus godly techniques rather than power. Then Blue puts all the emphasis on bulldozing the opponent with brute force.

Q: What happened to Goku's SSB Kaiō-ken and Vegeta's SSB Evolution? And since when can Vegeta use SSG?
A: The Dragon Ball Super anime and manga were both based on an outline by Toriyama. When Toriyama wrote the Broly script, he followed his own outline and he apparently felt free to ignore Toei concepts like SSBKK and SSBE. Toyotarō's version of the story in the manga didn't explicitly include these forms; he made vague references to them near the end of the Tournament of Power, and before then, he added his own concept of "completed" SSB (which Toriyama also felt free to ignore). Toyotarō was also the first to have Goku use SSG post-BOG (against Hit at the U6-U7 tournament), while Toei didn't bring back SSG until episode 104 (when Goku and Hit fought Dyspo), and SSG Vegeta only appeared in the manga (vs Black), never in the anime. Presumably Toriyama always intended for Vegeta to be able to use the form as a prerequisite to SSB, though no one has explicitly said so.

Q: Were there dialogue changes in the English dub?
A: Yes, there were several. Most of them don't matter much, but there are a few exceptions. One example: when Broly is ragdolling SSG Goku, Dub Paragus fears that Broly will die. In the Japanese script, Paragus fears that Broly (having lost control of himself) will kill him. In that case, my understanding is that it is an easy translation mistake to make, and I know at least one person made that same mistake when translating the Japanese dialogue (before the dub was released) before catching the error. (We don't have CCs for the movie, but this dialogue was verified via the light novel.) Our advice is to not read too much into the wording of anything without asking what the original dialogue said. We will work on a full breakdown of dialogue changes.

DBS: Broly - FAQ and Full Spoiler Discussion Thread (UK/Ireland/Australia/NZ premiere) - r/dbz (2024)


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