Gravity Forms: Best Form Builder for WordPress (2024)

GravityForms byRocketgenius, Inc.adds so much power to your WordPress website. Again and again it proves to be the best Forms plugin out there. Why? Simple to use, many options, from simple forms and follow up to extreme complex forms and multiple follow-up procedures.

About RocketGenius, Inc.

DeveloperRocketgenius, Inc.
Languages29 languages(2018)
Main pluginGravity Forms
ExtensionsPolls,Quiz,Survey,User Registration,MailChimp,Dropbox,Slack,Zapier,Coupons,PayPal Pro,more…

YouTube Channel Input – Gravity Forms

Input is a brand show brought by the team at Gravity Forms and hosted by James Giroux. It’s interesting to follow developments in the Gravity Forms ecosystem. It’s also made in a professional way. Much watch for Gravity Forms Add-on developers.

Interesting interviews and links Gravity Forms

Why we use Gravity Forms in almost all our client projects

Gravity Forms is the most interesting add-on for WordPress you can use to extend your data management. From contact form to complex, multi step forms with calculations and validations: Gravity Forms will provide you a solid base for creating the forms your need for your project or website. They are providing also a solid base for other add-on developers by sticking to their main task: providing only form fields that are necessary and will help you in whatever process you want to organize afterwards.

Available Gravity Form Fields

Features Gravity Forms

  • Conditional Logic:
    Conditional Logic makes it very easy to show or hide fields, sections, pages based on entered values in your form. Per field you can set conditions what to show and what now, in a very simple, but also sophisticated way.
  • Save and Continue:
    With the ‘Save and continue’ function you can provide visitors with an option to save the progress. It creates a unique link which gives (for default 30 days) access to the saved data.
  • Big Community:
    There are a lot of premium add-ons available, likeGravityView,Gravity Wiz,Gravity Flow,Gravity+,ForGravity,JetSloth,GravityWPandGravityPDF, freeadd-ons on and paidadd-ons on Code Canyon.
  • Email Notifications:
    Create e-mail notifications after a user submits their information. You have full control what kind of message is send to whom after the information arrives.
  • Calculations:
    Within Gravity Forms you can set client side calculations, making calculations while visitors are filling in number fields. It works perfectly with condition logic, so you can set specific alerts based on calculations made in your form.
  • Gravity Forms Basic Integrations:
    A large group of super service providers can be integrated with Gravity Forms. These are just the basic options:ActiveCampaign,AWeber,Campaign Monitor,CleverReach,Emma,GetResponse,iContact,Mad Mimi,MailChimp.
  • File Uploads:
    Easily upload files and control which kind of extensions are allowed to upload. You can set a maximum file-size in Gravity Forms and with hooks make all kinds of validations.
  • Create Posts with Gravity Forms:
    You can use the data entered in Forms to create new posts on your website. Gravity Forms provides a template function, in which you can create your perfect post. But it’s also possible to save values to Custom Post data, which you can use in PHP.
  • Gravity Forms Pro Integrations:
    Agile CRM,Batchbook,Breeze,Campfire,Capsule CRM,Dropbox,Freshbooks,Help Scout,Highrise,HipChat,PayPal Payments Standard,Pipe Video Recording,Slack,Trello,Twilio,Zapier,Zoho CRM.

Tutorials Gravity Forms

Change field type in an existing Gravity FormDo you want to change the type of an existing field in an existing Gravity Forms? This handy little snippet does the trick.
Gravity Forms Inception - Building a Form with a FormWith Gravity Forms in combination with some Add-ons, you can create a form to create another form. This can be particularly handy when you have a solid structure for a form, but the only difference is the questions you ask.
iDEAL payments with Gravity Forms Stripe Add-OnDo you want to support iDEAL payments in Gravity Forms when using Stripe as a payment provider in stead of Mollie?
Clean uploaded filenamesDo you want to clean special characters, accented characters or glyphs like € and £ or whitespace characters from uploaded filenames?
Export Entries to Excel and CSV Gravity FormsDo you want to export data from your Gravity Forms to Excel or CSV? There are multiple ways to do that. We describe here our favorite ones, like the default Gravity Forms export functionality (only CSV) and the Add-ons DataTables and GravityExport.
Browser Back button Warning in a Multipage Gravity FormThere is no good way to create a cross browser safe way to block the back button and/or the backspace key. But there is a javascript event which fires before a webpages unloads itself from the browser window. We can use this to achieve a workable solution.
Unique Path for Every Upload Gravity Formsormally uploads in a Gravity Form are stored in the same folder. This is a problem when uploaded files are privacy sensitive and you want to share the links to files with people who filled in a form. They know the way to the folder, so they can get access to files from others (merely by guessing). Thankfully, it is possible to create unique folders for each upload.
Likert Scale Question Gravity FormsDo you want to show a Likert scale question in your Gravity Forms? With the Survey Add-On for Gravity Forms that’s easy to do. It also provides an option to define Multiple Rows to make a multi dimensional Likert Scale Question (both horizontal as vertical labels).
Ranking (order) Question Gravity FormsYou want visitors or users to rank different answers (set them in a specific order)? The survey Add-On for Gravity Forms makes that possible. You can give different options and ask your visitor to rank them a certain way, for example the best highest and the worst lowest.
Radio Button Images Gravity FormsDid you know you can use images in your radio buttons in Gravity Forms? This is a nice way to provide your visitors with a visual, appropriate image to select when they provide information. You see it already as a design pattern, so use it also in your Gravity Form!
User Friendly Error Message Gravity FormsDo you want to change the standard error text (when people did something wrong on your form). It looks quite unfriendly, the standard validation error. So let’s make it a little bit more friendly. You find the PHP and CSS code you need to do just that.
Star Rating Field Gravity FormsDo you want to add a rating field to your Gravity Form? For example to rate an experience, article or for another evaluation? With the Survey Add-On you can easily add a Rating field to your webform.
Checkbox Images Gravity FormsDid you know you can use images in your checkbox in Gravity Forms? This is a nice way to provide your visitors with a visual, appropriate image to select when they provide information. You see it already as a design pattern, so use it also in your Gravity Form!
Change Ajax Spinner Gravity FormsDo you want to change the Ajax Spinner for your gravity forms?
Gravity Forms: Best Form Builder for WordPress (2024)


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