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Disclaimer: This is a work of AB/DL fiction. If that isn't your thing or you don't know what that even means well move along weary traveler of the internet.

Content warning for this story: Diapers, Age Play, Forced Babying

Chapter 1: An Eager Plushie! Mashiro Returns to Diapers?

Warm rays of sunshine smiled down on the Nijigaoka house, enveloping both the large yellow walled and pink roofed home and the surrounding forest land in the mild Spring weather. Sounds of birds tweeting in unison made a pleasant rhapsody, lending the calm morning their collective song. The normally lively estate was quiet, most of its residents gone for the moment. Only Mashiro Nijigaoka was left in her grandmother’s home that was usually humming with activity between herself and her friends and fellow Precures who had become like family. Though the rest of the spacious home was unlit and empty, Mashiro’s room was illuminated and occupied with the young teen who was dressed in her typical white dress with its puffy pink mid length sleeves and trim topped off by a tiny white bow just below the collar. Aside from the little bun at the back of her head, the girl’s dull pink hair hung in straight neatly brushed strands falling midway down her back.

Everything in the room was in order; the girl’s queen sized bed was neatly made, clothes were sorted and dresses hanging in the walk-in closet, the handful of potted plants had been given water, and the desk the girl was seated in front of in the corner of the room that housed many books on its adjoining shelves was completely spotless without a trace of dust.

A break from school had started and the forces of the Undergu Empire had been calm with no signs of Battamonda causing trouble. It would have been the perfect time for a visit from the teen’s parents who were so often away from work. Unfortunately, Mashiro had been told that morning via a video phone call that they couldn’t make it. Something came up, and they would have to reschedule, again. Of course, Mashiro made sure to keep a bright smile on throughout the whole conversation and assured her mother and father that it was ok, that she was perfectly fine, that she ‘wasn’t a little girl anymore’ and that she understood completely. It was a typical, almost rehearsed response she gave every time ‘something came up’; a practiced assurance of ‘being just fine’ even if she missed them dearly and had wanted to cry each time such ‘somethings’ occurred. But she was used to being left alone suddenly and learned long ago not to cry about it. It wasn’t something Mashiro allowed herself to do. Not anymore, she was a big girl now as she reminded her parents when they would dote on her, especially her father, and crying wasn’t something big girls did.

That same acting prowess carried on as Mashiro assured the others in staying with her in her grandmother’s house that it was fine and that they should go on with their plans they had already made. Her feelings shouldn’t get in the way of everyone she cared about having a nice break after all, that would just be selfish, the teen reasoned. Everyone around Mashiro had been eager to seize the chance the break offered to give time to themselves and their passions.

They always were. Mashiro sighed inwardly, a tinge of envy mingling with the thought.

Mashiro let her mind wander, taking stock of where everyone had gone. Her best friend Sora was off training in the mountains, ever in pursuit of being the best hero she could be. Mashiro’s grandmother, Yoyo, was away for the day with her horse riding club, never content to let her age slow her down. The only boy boarder in the house, Tsubasa, was out as well; on a trip to a local airplane show. Her childhood friend, Ageha, had taken her leave too; taking the infant princess in the team’s care, Ellee, with her to the daycare she was interning at for her nursery school teacher training. All of them had offered to let Mashiro come along after hearing that her parents wouldn’t be making it back to Japan for the holiday, but she of course kindly declined their offers, promising them all that it would just be a nice chance to work on a storybook after the fun she had making her first one, not daring to say what was truly in her heart.

With everyone else gone, Mashiro sat alone with nothing but the taunting blank pages of her sketchbook on the table before her. More than an hour had passed and the girl had no progress to show in her picture book idea but false starts, crumpled up pages in the wastebasket beside her chair, and a spotlessly clean room that she just had to pay attention to. Ideas weren’t the problem. Mashiro had so many thoughts, ideas, and stories she was eager to put on the wanting sheet below her, but none of them would move from her head to her hand, as though she was bound motionless in place by some malicious unseen force. Instead time passed her by, seconds growing into minutes, those minutes adding together, little by little. All her vision inside amounted to very little to show anyone else.

“Nothing,” Mashiro declared, her shoulders slumping in defeat. She let out a heavy sigh as she shut her green eyes to hide the empty pages from view. “Oh, I just can’t get the ideas out at all right now.” The pink haired girl sank in her chair. “I bet none of the others have to try so hard for what they want to do. If this was Sora-chan or Ageha-chan, they wouldn’t have any problem at all I bet.” In the girl’s imagination she couldn’t help but envision the other two girls sitting in her same spot and putting together a flawless work. Silly as it was, it made sense to her.

“Everyone else is just so amazing, as Precures, as people…” Mashiro let out a long sigh, a misty feeling gathering at the corners of her eyes. She pushed the feelings away hard before she straightened herself back up in a bid to renew her vigor. Her grip around the Mirage Pen tightened as though ready to transform and head into a harrowing battle. She shook her head, rubbed her eyes to free them of any pesky moisture, and tried to start again. Once more the empty pages greeted the girl’s sight. So many ideas she so wanted to put to page whenever she wasn’t able to do so and now they just wouldn’t come out, it was as if they had retreated from her, content to let her stew in all the feelings she wanted to ignore. For a long minute the girl’s stare was so intense her vision might have lit the page aflame, but almost as fast as it came her resolve crumbled again, fleeing from her as fast as it had arrived. “Oh, come on, Mashiro, draw something!” She scolded herself. “Be more like everyone else! Stop being such a failure!” Tears beckoned at the edges of her eyes once more, pushing against the dam of emotions she tried to clamp down, determined to be free this time.

“What would Papa and Mama say if they saw me like this? Throwing a fit like a baby…” Mashiro’s sight went hazy from the mist that overtook it. She bowed her head with a sniffle. “I sound like a whiny little kid, worse than Ellee-chan when she gets grumpy.”

“Aww, poor baby, what’s the matter?” A muffled voice spoke up in the empty room.

“Huh?” Mashiro twisted about in her chair, the surprise chasing away her tears as she tried to find the source of the words. The teen’s eyes went wide and her mouth agape at the sight that greeted her. “Wha?!”

The door to the room’s walk-in closet had quietly swung open, and an odd multicolored creature had appeared in the storage space. Right away the sheer height of the unannounced visitor caught Mashiro’s eye as it bent down to fit through the tall closet door frame. It looked like the kangaroos the girl had seen on a visit with Ellee-chan to the zoo, standing up on two big hunched legs, each oddly a different color, the left a soft purple and the right a sort of light tan hue. It hopped closer to the wide eyed teen with little ruckus, moving quietly despite its massive size, coming fully out of the closet space.

“Is someone having a case of the no good very bad day?” The plushie intruder asked, its tone sounding out sweet and soft, like a mother cooing to her toddler child.

Mashiro bolted from her seat in surprise as the creature drew near, knocking the big pink, crystal topped pen, her charm which allowed her to transform into her mighty Precure form, that sat abandoned on her desk to the floor.

With the kangaroo-like creature now only a few feet away, Mashiro was able to get a full view. It looked like a giant stuffed animal, but one that had been stitched together with many different colored parts to make the marsupial looking mascot. Like a kangaroo, it had a pouch on its lower belly, a white section dotted with little pastel colored dots. For all its animal qualities, the rest of the creature looked human as well, its chest and frame having the curves and cleavage of an adult woman. Similarly to its legs the creature’s arms were different tones as well, the right a sky blue while the left was a light green. While the arm colors didn’t match with the creature’s legs, they did share hues with the soles of its big arched feet.

Having looked over the creature’s unique body, Mashiro craned her neck to look at the kangaroo-like plushie’s face. It looked like a cartoon mascot, like in the shows she would let Ellee-chan watch from time to time. Its head was like an animal, but with all the expressions of a person. Its two big pink eyes shone with a disarming glow, its nose was a big blue button and the end of its animal-like snout, its cheeks decorated with bright yellow circles.

“Wh-who are you? What are you?” Mashiro stuttered out the questions.

“Oh silly me, I made an oopsie, didn’t I? You should always introduce yourself to someone politely when you first meet.” The kangaroo plush giggled to itself, rapping its fist lightly atop its white bonnet topped head as it shook its head, a trail of rainbow colored strands for hair following its movement. “My name is Celina, little one, though my babies can just call me mommy of course.”

‘Celina? Is she an underling of the Undergu Empire?’ Mashiro’s thoughts frantically questioned. The idea didn’t quite seem right though. The creature before her looked too soft, too cuddly, to be a servant of the Empire. “O-Oh, I see…”

Another set of hops and Celina was right in front of the pink haired teen, her face the very image of joy. Mashiro’s own expression however only grew anxious in response.

“Where did you come from? How did you get in my room?” Mashiro asked, feeling at the very least that the being wasn’t evil right away.

“Such a curious baby you are.” Celina giggled. “Why, I came to see you of course, Mashiro.” She responded, not truly addressing the girl’s questions as she kneeled down to be closer to the teen’s height. Celina reached out her hand and grabbed hold of the girl’s pink dress hem before lifting it up.

“Ah! What are you doing?!” Mashiro’s face lit up with a bright blush at the sudden exposure, her eyes and gasping mouth seemingly blown up in reaction. She backed away from the desk and out of reach of the roo-like creature’s hands as she straightened down her dress.

Celina’s form rose up straight, once again towering over the teen by nearly double her height. The plush woman’s face was puzzled. “Now that’s strange. Why aren’t you wearing your diapers like you should be, Mashiro?”

“Diapers?!” The red tint coloring Mashiro’s face brightened in her distress. “I don’t wear diapers!” Her eyes shut as she raised her voice. “The only diapers in this house are for Ellee-chan.”

Celina’s head tilted to the side bewildered before her snout formed into a jubilant smile. “Silly girl. Of course you wear diapers, all baby girls do. You’re not in them right now for some reason, but that’s nothing mommy can’t handle.”

A pink hue in Mashiro’s cheeks deepened as Celina paddled on, sounding quite convinced of herself. The teen patted her hip in search of her transformation pen in its typical spot and found nothing. Quickly, her emerald eyes scanned the floor and she spotted it, on the floor beside Celina’s big right foot.

“Come along, Cupcake, we’re going to have such a nice little visit.” Celina offered her open arms to the girl, seemingly ignorant of her apprehension.

Mashiro’s blush spread at the little nickname she had gotten. “Umm, th-that’s very kind of you, Celina-san but I think I’ll pass, if that’s alright…” She weighed her options as she tried to stall the creature’s advance. Should she go for her pen and try to transform into Cure Prism, or should she turn to the door to the room behind her and try to run away and get help? “My friends will be back soon…”

“You can see your friends later, Cupcake. Right now I think you need mommy's attention. Mommy knows when her baby is having a bad day and just how to fix it. First things first though, we need to get you into a diaper like you should be.” Celina took a single hop forward, her face aglow with a sweet smile.

That step made Mashiro’s choice for her.

“Ah! N-no thank you, Celina-san!” The girl belted out as she pivoted nimbly around and rushed towards the bedroom door.

“Oh my,” A elastic harness emerged from Celina’s pouch the instant Mashiro began to wheel away, as if in response to the girl’s attempt to flee. “It’s not time to play yet, Cupcake. I simply can’t let you run around anymore without having your diaper on. You might make a mess of your pretty dress.”

Coiling like a serpent, the long corded harness fired out, fast as a bullet, flying straight for the fleeing pink haired girl. Mashiro’s hand was nearly on the door handle when she felt the harness envelope around her, a small click of the two plastic buckles sounding as it secured around her chest.

“Huh!?” Mashiro squeaked as she felt the strap’s firm embrace. Her hands tried to undo the harness, but it wouldn’t budge, as though the plastic clasps were suddenly made of rock. Mashiro twisted back to see the feet of elastic line had fallen limply to the hardwood floor and followed its trail to Celina’s pouch.

“Come along, Cupcake. Mommy has a changing table with your name on it.” Celina’s snout face beamed as the harness line began to retract slowly back into her.

Mashiro watched dumbfounded as the cord moved on its own, her mouth agasp right until the strong strand went taut and began trying gently beckon her along. “No, no, no!” She gripped the door handle hard and held with all the strength she could muster as the harness tugged at her harder and harder, the tense strands losing their patience with the reluctant girl. “Sora-chan, Ageha-chan, Tsubasa-kun, help!”

“Such a fussy little one.” Celina chuckled as the elastic cable retreated back into her pouch and reeled in her target despite the girl’s efforts.

“Grandma!” Mashiro called out as the harness tugged harder and her hands were wrested from the door. Flailing her arms wildly the girl tried for the handle, but the harness gradually eased her back, inch by inch. “Papa! Mama!” Suddenly her feet left the floor as her body seemed to go weightless in the straps ensnarement, whipping her along its path for her and into the pouch that Celina’s hands opened up impossibly wide for her. Mashiro heard the woman’s voice once more before she found herself taken fully inside the felt lined pouch.

“Don’t you worry a bit, sweetheart. Mommy will take the very bestest care of her Cupcake. You’ll see.”

“Uhh…What happened?” Mashiro questioned as her green eyes blinked reluctantly open, feeling the soft cushioned surface she was laid on, her head supported by a plastic covered pillow. As she came more awake the view of the ceiling above her let her know she wasn’t in her grandmother’s home any longer; she would have remembered a mobile hanging up with plastic stars and moons circling lazily around. The girl tried to sit up only to find that she could not. A firm fabric band across Mashiro’s stomach held the girl firmly down. Her hands tried to find a way to unstrap herself, but just like the harness, the obvious clasps wouldn’t budge an inch no matter how much she tried. Mashiro could crunch up her upper half a little bit, and her arms were completely free, but she was held firmly down to where she had been put.

Next, Mashiro tried to move her legs and found them also unrestrained, though a bit more air hitting them than she was used to. She curled up to see her legs completely bare and that she had been left secured down to the plastic topped surface in just her pink undershirt, socks, and teddy bear print panties.

“Wah!” Mashiro came fully awake as she shot her hands down to cover her exposed underwear, her face flushed pink. For a few moments Mashiro’s eyes clamped shut, worried for anyone seeing her in such a way, but after a few moments the lids opened again in a hesitant curiosity.

“Where am I?” Mashiro asked out loud as she twisted what little the restraint across her belly would allow. The room around her was awash in soft pastel tones and smelled of the soft scents of baby powder Ageha would often return covered in. Though she couldn’t see everything, the trapped teen did spy a pile of baby toys against the far wall that all looked much bigger than anything she kept for Ellee, a sized up baby bouncer hanging from the ceiling, and a table with cups of crayons sitting out. “It’s like a nursery.”

“Did you have a nice nap, Cupcake?” Celina’s voice sounded, catching Mashiro’s attention. Even though the room seemed quite empty of anyone else before, somehow Celina had moved right up beside the plastic topped bed Mashiro found herself on, with a big box in the plush creature’s arms. “Silly me, I forgot to restock your changing table beforehand.” The motherly roo chided herself as she kneeled down with the box to the floor.

“Changing table?” Mashiro repeated, a sudden understanding coming over her. She wiggled side to side again, feeling the light plastic covering over the plush rest she laid on while she examined the gentle cloth strap that held her in place to the flat top. It was a changing table! It was just like the one Mashiro and the others used to take care of Ellee, but sized up big enough to fit her! The realization gave her face a whole new reason to glow red as Mashiro suddenly felt just as tiny as the infant she looked after.

“That’s right, baby. And it’s reserved just for you, my special girl, who has it and Mommy all to herself.” Celina spoke sweetly without looking at the teen as she opened up the box with a loud ripping of tape.

Mashiro could only barely see over the edge of the table, but it was more than enough to spot the rows of pink plastic backed diapers that awaited in the container below her.

“Be patient with your silly Mommy a bit longer dear. As soon as I get these diapers put away, I’ll get one on my little Cupcake, and then we can get you into your high chair for a super nummy lunch, ok? Just be my good girl a bit longer.”

Once again Mashiro tried the cloth strap’s strength, arching her back and pushing up with her legs and elbows. Nothing. Memories of all the times that Ellee fussed and pouted when Mashiro would secure her in such a way came to the front of her mind as she fought with the infantile restraint over her belly. Despite Mashiro’s best efforts, the safety strap of the enormous changing table was working exactly as it was supposed to; its charge wouldn’t be wiggling away.

“It’s no use.” Mashiro let out a breath as she relaxed her body again. Her head rested against the soft pillow as she took in the sight of the mobile above once more. A pink blush spread to the girl’s ears as she fidgeted her bare legs anxiously. There didn’t seem to be anything she could do except lie there, like a ‘good girl’, just as Celina said, the same words Mashiro often said to Ellee at home when it was time for a diaper change. Mashrio fidgeted in an embarrassed jitter as she listened to the patchwork stuffed animal’s hums as Celina opened the drawers in the table below her and stocked the noisy folded garments.

Suddenly Celina’s hums went quiet, and it was as if Mashiro was alone again.

“Ce-Celina-san?” Mashiro spoke quietly, leaning to look over the side of the high topped table. In an instant the multicolored kangaroo shot into view, rising well above the girl.

“Ah!” The girl shouted out, covering her hands with her hands in a sudden fright.

“Peek a boo! I see you, Cupcake.” Celina giggled to herself.

Mashiro pulled her hands back to see the giant beaming plush, her eyes zeroing in on the bottle of baby powder Celina held in one hand and the folded up pink diaper with a cute cartoonish rabbit in the other.

“Ha ha ha, you sure got me Celina-san, you really did.” Mashiro clapped her hands nervously before clasping them out as if in prayer. “Can I please get down now and have my dress back? I’d like to cover up now, if that’s ok.”

Celina set the items down on the cushioned table surface with a smile as her hands reached for the waistband of Mashiro’s underwear. “Don’t you fret, baby. Mommy will have you dressed properly in no time.” She announced, yanking the soft layer of teddy bear printed cotton off the girl, down her legs, and tossed aside.


“Mommy is perfectly fine too, Cupcake.” Celina unfolded the diaper as she gripped Mashiro’s ankles in a single firm felt covered grip and hoisted her upwards as if she were no more weighty than a doll, sliding the unfolded padding under the pink haired girl.

“This has to be some kind of weird dream!” Mashiro's voice rose as she squirmed wildly in place, struggling hard to be free, but careful to not accidently kick the plush creature.

“Aww, Mashiro.” Celina swooned as her cheerful expression grew even more warm as she handled the wiggling teen with ease. “I think it’s a dream come true too. I’m sorry I took so long to come pick you up, I have just been so busy. But that’s no excuse, my baby Cupcake needs me, so I made sure to come see her today.” In her free hand she took up the bottle of baby powder, raising it up to the girl’s naked behind and giving the plastic container a gentle squeeze, a white puff responding from the motion.

Mashiro’s heart thumped hard with embarrassment as she felt the soft touch of the flakes of talc tickling her with each tiny cloudy puff. Once again she couldn’t help but compare herself to Ellee and wondered if the infant felt this sheepish when she was cared for.

“Maybe, if you’re super duper extra good, Mommy can let you stay a bit longer than I usually let my babies.” Celina offered with a motherly tone as she saw to covering every little bit of the struggling teen’s bottom in a snowy dosing.

“I’m not a baby!” Mashiro wailed in frustration. “Sora, Ageha, Tsubasa! Tell her I’m not a little baby!” The teen cried out as she found herself lowered back down to the soft surface of the waiting diaper. “M-Mommy!” She shouted, hoping against hope for her mother to swoop in and save her from her humiliating treatment.

“That’s right, Cupcake, mommy’s here.” Celina nodded as she gave a quick, but generous visit of baby powder to her charge’s front and pulled the diaper together over her hips.

Mashiro could only tear up in dismay as she watched the big soft hands finish up. One tape opened with a faint noise before securing gently to her now pink padded hip, then the other quickly followed suit leaving her thickly swaddled.

“There we go. Isn’t that much better, baby?” Celina clasped her hands together as she admired her work.

“Uh, uh, uh!” Mashiro’s voice grunted as she tested the diaper’s hold, her ears filling with little crinkling noises at each motion of her legs. “Please, ma’am, I’m not a baby! In fact I help take care of one! Promise!”

“That’s just silly talk. Babies can’t raise babies, Cupcake.” Celina shook her head as she leaned in to undo the strap on the teen’s belly. Mashiro sat up, free at last from the grip of the seemingly inescapable changing table, now feeling the full embrace of the pink crinkling padding around her hips.

“But I can find you just the nicest baby doll and you can take care of it after we get you all fed your num nums. Won’t that be fun?”

Mashiro looked herself over now clad in just her pink undershirt, white socks, and the diaper that had been reluctantly taped up on her. However small and immature she had felt before Celina found her had been magnified greatly. ‘I look like Ellee-chan.’ Mashiro’s cheeks burned at the unwelcome comparison her thoughts offered as she looked down at the smiling cartoon rabbit covering her modesty now. She couldn’t help but feel the notion was right as the scent of baby powder clung to her nose.

Perhaps Celina was right, maybe she was just a baby? Any of her friends would have put up a better fight than she did, Mashiro reasoned as she began to fill with self pity.

‘No!’ Mashiro belted out inwardly. Maybe her friends would have done something different, maybe not, at the very least she knew they wouldn’t just give up, so she wouldn’t give up either.

Maybe I can’t fight as well as Sora, but…!’ Mashiro shouted in her thoughts, hyping herself up as she pushed herself off from the table, dropping a few feet to the floor. In that instant her thoughts turned to all the morning runs she shared with her Skylandian friend; she leaned forward and started to bolt away from the strangely insistent plush.

“Oh my, you just can’t wait to play can you, Cupcake?” Celina giggled as she leaned down and scooped the pink haired girl up under her armpits, lifting her off the carpeted floor. “Num nums first, baby. Then Mommy can show you around your nursery.”

Mashiro’s legs flailed as she felt her whole body carried effortlessly along like she was just a hyperactive baby. Just like she had done many times when Ellee would wander towards something that might hurt her. She wasn’t sure what to make of any of what was happening. One minute she had been trying to craft a picture book, the next she found herself in a place that seemed right out of one. “Sora-chan, help me…” She whispered wide eyed as she watched the nursery fade from view.

Soaring Sky Precure: Hero Girls and Her Nursery?! Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 - CCDPA - ひろがるスカイ!プリキュア (1)

Soaring Sky Precure: Hero Girls and Her Nursery?! Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 - CCDPA - ひろがるスカイ!プリキュア (2024)


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